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Orchard Games are here!

This is the way to make learning fun. What is your favourite?     Mine is ‘Pop to The Shops’!


But we have lots to choose from in the store now!



The Game of Global Domination



This is the game that sorts out who can rule the world! Tactics, planning, courage and of course risk-taking – that’s what it’s all about. Have you got what it takes to be a ruler or will you end up with your army stranded on Madagascar?

After a defeat can you win your way back into the game and come out on top of the world? This is a classic character building game, the stakes are high, and the fun is intense!



Solve The Mystery in The Mansion

CLUThe classic mystery game has been updated and made even better! Now you can play with any number of players between 2 and 6. Involve the whole family in solving the murder of reclusive millionaire Samuel Black or show your skill at crime solving with a head to head match! Still a big family favourite after all this time because being a detective is so much fun…




Classic fast paced game with tiles – but this time it’s numbers not letters!  Fun for all the family and great training for number skills – and possibly a gateway game for going on to becoming a poker champion!!!



Children of the World Memory Game

Barefoot Books



A delightful game with 72 colourful cards featuring children in national costumes from around the world. Improve memory skills by matching boys and girls from different countries and learn how to say “hello” in 36 different languages!! This is what we call learning by stealth: it’s so much fun children will not notice how much they are learning and they will want to play again and again. Perfect for the whole family to play together.

And – if you like this you will love….

Dinosaurs: Matching Game

Chronicle Books


DinoDinosaurs are perennially popular for preschool-aged children. This title features classic family game with fresh, contemporary spin combined with Bob Barner’s fun, colorful artwork. It includes box with magnetic closure that keeps cards inside; so you can take it anywhere.

It helps children build hand/eye co-ordination, skills in matching and develops memory. And long the way it teaches the names of loads of great dinosaurs. What could be more fun??


Dinosaur Floor Puzzle

Melissa & Doug



See all your favourite dinosaurs romping around in a great floor puzzle from Melissa & Doug. 48 big pieces that are perfect for little hands. Jigsaws are more than a game – they help develop hand/eye co-ordination and learning the names of dinosaurs is a great way to encourage language and communication skills.   Let the dinosaurs rule!


Klutz: Make Clay Charms


CHARMSNew from the wonderful people of Klutz! Create your own adorable adornments with Clay Charms. Charm bracelets are always in style and this book shows girls how to customize their own bracelet with more than 30 different clay charm designs. Budding jewellers can learn how to make personal charms, bake them in an ordinary oven, add shine with the special glaze, and then attach your creations to the included bracelet. Wear your personality with style!


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

24 Piece Floor Puzzle

All the joy of this classic story in a great big puzzle. See these wonderful illustrations in a way that’s fun for all the family!




Scratch Art

4 Assorted Scratch Art Boards

Perfect for Party Bags at £2.99Available in a range of themes and colour schemes. Follow the pattern to etch into the smooth art foil surface using the special wood scraper tool and reveal glittering metallics. Perfect for Party Bags!