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100 Postcards of Our Past from English Heritage


POSTCARDSWe love the 100 postcards in a box series. Although best known for preserving England’s historic sites and artefacts, English Heritage is also custodian of an archive of more than one million documents and images that includes photographs of architecture and social history. 100 Postcards of Our Past from English Heritage gathers together the archive’s best black and white historic photographs from the late nineteenth century to the late 1960s. The images are by John Gay (1909-99), Henry Taunt (active 1860-1922), Eric de Mare (1910-2002) and others and include evocative images of an era that is long gone.


Oz Clarke Pocket Wine Book 2014


OZ 2014

This one speaks for itself! Cheers!



John Lloyd & Jon Canter



Remember The Meaning of Liff – O how we laughed at that in the 80′s!! Well the sequel has taken a while but it’s back and still laugh out loud funny – despite the absence of Douglas Adams.  John Lloyd, of QI fame, and Jon Canter are still finding the things that we all do that there should be words for and giving them the name they deserve. We are already thinking about the dreaded December  and this will be the perfect present for the ‘difficult’ men in your life. It’s a great book for people who don’t read! Another Xmas problem already solved.



The Camper Van Cookbook

Martin Dorey & Sarah Randell



The best book ever about cooking in your camper van by two local experts who have travelled extensively and fed themselves and their families well in the process. The recipes are so good you will want to to book yourselves a holiday in a camper van or at least try them at home on the barbie!!!


Tiny Light

The Really Tiny Book Light £6.99

The prefect companion for any reader. This tiny light clips onto the back of a book and you can position to suit you. The light is very bright but focused so you can read into the wee hours without disturbing your nearest and/or dearest.

Available in other fun colours.


Gatsby Bag

The Great Gatsby Bag Penguin £12.99

A big strong cotton canvas bag printed with the iconic Penguin Classic book cover for The Great Gatsby. It has long shoulder straps and a gusset so it will carry all your needs. We say a book bag is not fit for purpose unless you can easily get 2 books and a bottle of wine into it (or gin, in the spirit of the Jazz Age) – and this one fits the bill perfectly!


ShoesV&A Magnetic Notecard Box: Shoes £8.99

A pack of 20 notecards and envelopes in a magnetic closure box, printed with a design taken from a silk scarf in the V&A Collection that is decorated with shoe designs. If you agree with William Morris that we should ‘have nothing that we do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’ then is a perfect gift.