Autumn Events 2013


I am sorry to say the perfume swap which should have been this Friday Oct. 4th has been postponed. Sadly it clashed with too many other local events which had been long standing.

I’d like to thank everyone who sent in their Swap/Wish Lists – it was a fascinating glimpse into people’s many and varied collections. And we do promise that the event will go ahead in the future. We are looking at January when many of us might have Xmas presents ripe for exchanging for what you really wanted…..

Watch this space for future details.



The Owl and the Pussycat

106 Northfield Ave. Ealing W13 9R


Friday Oct 4th. 7.30pm

 Hello fellow perfume fans,

You are invited to The Owl and the Pussycat to join us for an evening of perfume chat and swapping of unwanted bottles. We find everything about perfume interesting and it’s great to talk to other perfume lovers about the best, the worst and the ones that got away.

We all have the odd bottle (or more) that sits unused and unloved but luckily one person’s ‘not for me’ can be someone else’s longed for treasure.

Have a look through your perfumes and see what is no longer appealing – be certain you want to part with it – it’s important to be sure you will have no regrets, especially if it’s a discontinued or vintage bottle that you may never, ever find again.

Bring anything that you really don’t want any more and it doesn’t have to be a full bottle but the more, the better. Please give us your ‘SWAP LIST’ asap so we can try to match people up for the greatest satisfaction and give us your ‘WISH LIST’ as well. Maybe something you have been longing for is hiding in the back of someone’s dresser just waiting to be loved again.

And the best part is: this will cost you nothing except a bottle of wine or your preferred soft drink. We will provide some lovely nibbles for you to eat while you talk scents to people and maybe find yourself a fab new perfume.

Please RSVP with your Swap & Wish Lists to and feel free to ask me any questions at all.

 Bee Wyeth