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Grandma Helen on Holiday

Grandma Helen is taking a Holiday!

Our thanks To Grandma for all the lovely stories we have had this year but as she is about to welcome a new grandchild and Christmas is just a few weeks away she is taking a holiday from Storytime.

We hope to see you all again in the New Year for more magical stories!


O & P

Halloween is coming!

Are you prepared for reading spooky stories?  We have all manner of books to make you uneasy or shudder, scream or laugh out loud and want to leave the lights on all night!!

From ghost stories from Susan Hill for the grownups to Angelina’s Halloween for the little ones. We have vampires, werewolves, ghosts and ghoulies and many things that go bump in the night.

Halloween is more fun with books!!


Storytime Summer Break


This year Grandma Helen is having a holiday in August and so are we! So after Storytime on Tuesday 30th July the next one will be on Tuesday 3rd September.

We hope you all have lovely summer holidays and we will see you again in September!

Aprons and Kit Bags

New in Store:  Aprons and Kit Bags!

angelinaTo carry your ballet shoes or your football kit you can now get a great Angelina or Thomas bag. And to keep your clothes nice and clean if you are painting or helping in the kitchen or the garden you can have a nice Thomas or Angelina apron!